Local Extreme Cleaning Services

Expertly trained and equipped to handle extreme cleaning

Extreme environments can present many challenges when cleaning, and can pose a range of different threats which may be potentially harmful to your health and wellbeing.

Bio Response are accustomed to the fact that sometimes; certain areas can quickly get out of hand with extreme mess which can sometimes be potentially hazardous. People can often feel helpless and that they are not equipped to take care of the situation themselves.

Safety First Approach

Prior to starting any work, our team will carry out a full method statement and risk assessment which are available upon request

Highly Qualified

Our team of expert cleaning professionals have extensive experience in the industry and have received specialist training in their areas

Competitive Rates

We're proud to be able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the UK and will guarantee to beat any like-for-like quotation

Fast Response Time

We understand the urgency of our clients' needs so we aim to be on site within just 2 hours of receiving your initial contact

Call in the experts 24 hours a day on 0333 202 6416

Our cleaning technicians are on hand to take care of your cleaning and damage restoration needs in both the private and public sectors

Hoarder Clean Up Services in Bournemouth

Property Restoration in Bournemouth

Are you a landlord of a property which has had an unruly and messy tenant? Perhaps you have a loved one who’s home has become unrecognisable due to the amount of mess and clutter.

Our team of expert cleaning technicians can remove and dispose of all the mess which has piled up over time in a property. We can then deep clean the property to return it to a high standard, making it liveable or saleable.

We always try to be on site within a few short hours after you make initial contact with our team. We will then work tirelessly to returning your site back to its original state.

Squatter Clean Up Services in Bournemouth

Property restoration after the removal of squatters

If you have a building or property which has lay uninhabited for a length of time, squatters can sometimes break in and turn the building into a squat den. Squat dens are normally very dirty as a group of people will eat, sleep and conduct a range of anti-social behaviours and activities.

Many squat dens are left completely trashed with mess, and can often be unsafe or hazardous with things like human waste, drug paraphernalia or broken glass.

Our team of cleaning technicians can have the squat den cleaned as well as disposing of any waste, returning the building or property back to its original state.

Drug Den Cleaning across Bournemouth

Property restoration after removal of drug users

Drug users will often be drawn in by abandoned or unattended buildings, alleys or properties throughout Bournemouth to conduct anti-social activities out of sight from the public.

This normally results in the area being left in a substantial mess, leaving dangerous items like needles, drugs, glass, human waste behind which can be hazardous if not dealt with and disposed of properly.

Bio Response offers a trained team of certified professional cleaning technicians who are equipped and ready to restore your property or site, returning it to a safe and usable condition.