A fire damaged bathroom

What Kind Of Damage Can Fire Cause?

The heat fires generate during combustion may reach into the thousands of degrees, while most surfaces corrode because of the smoke that is driven into the materials. Chemical compounds that are created during the process of combustion remain hazardous for a long time after the fire is put out. 

Carbon monoxide, amongst other chemicals, is created during the process of incomplete combustion, and due to its deadly nature, full decontamination is crucial. Other dangerous chemicals left over after a fire are hydrocarbons, carcinogenic PAHs, and caustic soot as well as lead and other heavy metals.

In older buildings, the process of combustion will release hazardous substances into the air. Asbestos is just one example of these compounds that can remain in the air and settle on surfaces and cause health problems from respiratory issues to lung cancer.

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A fire damaged internal wall

How Does Our Process To Remove Smoke Odour Work?

The first step to arranging our services is to get in touch with our team. We’ll ask you some questions to find out more about the full extent of your problem and how long it’s likely to take to rectify the issue.

When our team arrive at your property, they will assess all areas to be treated and work out the most efficient and effective action plan. How long it will take to finish the job depends on several factors, however you can expect our service to take between 4 and 12 hours on average.

Before the Bio Response team arrives, there are a number of things you could do to assist us.

If you can safely access your property, you should remove all furniture and fabric curtains as these items will need to be professionally deep cleaned to entirely get rid of the smoke odour and the more quickly you can remove them from the property, the less damage there’ll be.

You can also wipe hard floors, windowsills, and shelves with a damp cloth to remove obvious smoke and soot particles and ventilate the property so smoke particles can blow away.

How Do I Arrange For Bio Response To Remove Fire Smoke Odours From My Property?

Give our professional fire smoke odour removal team a call now to get a no obligation free estimate and arrange the most convenient time and date for a surveyor to visit your property and carry out a free of charge survey.

When our surveyor comes to your property, they’ll produce an in-depth proposal for you to peruse. Once you’ve agreed to the scope of work and completed the paperwork, our team can start cleaning.

Contact our helpful and professional team now and eliminate the stress from this challenging situation. We’re looking forward to helping you restore your property to its original condition.

A fire damaged house interior

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We offer a bespoke cleaning solution for commercial premises