Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

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Cleaning up after a serious incident, suicide or murder

Trauma and crime scene cleaning involves a complete clean-up process and removal of contaminated items. Items within the area can be cleaned or disposed of, however we also cover any contamination with the likes of tissue matter, blood, or bodily fluids.

In many cases where there has been an accident, a suicide or even a murder, cleaning up can be your responsibility. It’s easy to assume that clearing up any blood or fluids will be done by the police or the government, but this isn’t true. It’s often the family of the victim or the owner of the property that needs to take care of this.

Safety First Approach

Prior to starting any work, our team will carry out a full method statement and risk assessment which are available upon request

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Our team of expert cleaning professionals have extensive experience in the industry and have received specialist training in their areas

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Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

We Use NHS Approved Chemicals

From floor to ceiling, we leave no stone unturned

A huge part of our trauma cleaning service is to deep clean the contaminated area. We make sure to cover off areas of detail to ensure no trace of a crime has been left. From the cleaning of grout and the gain in wood floors, to ensuring that any bad odours are not released. Sadly, this can happen if any bloody or body fluids should happen to contaminate the area.

To do this, our crime scene cleaning is carried out using the strongest, gold standard chemical products that are approved and used by the NHS. This then ensures that any hazards can then be deemed as safe.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

We offer a discreet and professional service at all times

Our trauma cleaning and crime scene cleaning services are often required when an accident or crime has taken place, or there has been a fatality. When blood, bodily fluids, or tissue matter is present in a set area, we are able to ensure that it’s cleaned thoroughly.

The work that we do covers areas and events such as murder scenes, suicide clean up, natural death, traumatic event cleaning, crime scene clean up, decompositions, road traffic accidents and vehicle cleaning.

Kitchen floor covered in blood
Extreme Cleaning

Unexpected Death Clean Up

Offering a discreet and professional service at all times

Sometimes, families and landlords can experience an accidental or unexpected death. The smell of a decomposing body can be extremely disturbing and difficult to remove. It can be a hard and stressful time, and deep cleaning may be the last of your worries. Sometimes, the property can be left in a less than desirable state.

Our unexpected death clean up technicians are here to help you. We will clear your property and commence with extreme cleaning. We are also happy to take on all aspects of the cleaning, including inside and outside of the property.

Bodily Fluids Clean Up

Discreetly and efficiently cleaning up of all bodily fluids

Next, we also offer a bodily fluids clean up service as part of our biohazard cleaning program. We are aware that bodily fluids can contain a range of diseases which means that they need to be cleaned up by experts that know how to do this safely. Whether the contaminated area contains blood or urine, vomit or faeces, we can help. This will then ensure you’re not at risk of contracting any highly infectious diseases.

Sadly, you may find that the fluids can be found spread across the floors or walls. They can sometimes also soak into furniture. This means that the bodily fluids clean up can be hard to remove. Our service is professional and safe. Our experts are experienced and trained to the highest standards to ensure that your area is cleaned to the best of our abilities.

Bodily fluids clean up