A fire damaged house interior

What Kind Of Damage Does Smoke And Fire Cause?

Secondary fire-related damage has an immediate impact that is noticeable. In just a few hours, fibreglass and paint begin turning yellow, clothes begin to stain, and metal starts corroding, pitting, and rusting. Wood furnishings may be so damaged that they require refinishing. Taking action quickly is vital to minimise the collateral damage but it isn’t easy to clean up following a fire.

Before even beginning the cleaning process, building elements like plasterboard and dry lining that have been damaged by the fire may require removal, hazardous waste will need to be safely and properly disposed of, and upholstery and carpets need to be elevated and removed.

Soot, ash, and smoke can enter into even tiny spaces like vents and ducts, and can get stuck in plasterboard and behind switches. Therefore, working with trusted fire damage cleaning professionals is key.

Safety First Approach

Prior to starting any work, our team will carry out a full method statement and risk assessment which are available upon request

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A kitchen ventilation fan that has caught fire

Acting Quickly To Address Smoke And Fire Damage

Secondary damage is caused just minutes after the start of a fire however, you can minimise its impact by taking action quickly. Extinguishing techniques that use water only serve to provide dangers and exacerbate damage to the building’s structure, and the area that is polluted has to be made safe and neutralised to prevent additional deterioration and harm.

Chemical processes that occur during a fire produce hazardous and even lethal substances and, therefore, remedial teams must wear protective clothing, use the right cleaning materials and equipment, and get to work quickly. The Bio Response team can identify all items that are able to be saved as well as those that must be disposed of due to extensive damage. We’ll then utilise special cleaning materials and techniques to clean all affected surfaces thoroughly.

How Do I Arrange Smoke And Fire Restoration?

It’s quick and easy to arrange smoke and fire restoration with us. Just give the Bio Response team a call today. You can arrange the most convenient time and date for a surveyor to visit your property and carry out a free of charge site survey. When they survey your site, they’ll produce an in-depth proposal for you to consider. If you agree to the scope of work, we’ll complete the paperwork, and our team can start cleaning.

Thanks to our many years of experience in dealing with fire damaged business and domestic properties, we have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to restore your property to its original condition, mitigating your losses and ensuring your safety and well-being.

A fire damaged bathroom

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We offer a bespoke cleaning solution for commercial premises