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Local Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

Unattended death scene and crime scene cleaning services

Areas that have seen the fallout from a traumatic even or crime scene can cause distress for many people, leaving them scared, shaken and helpless.

Many people aren’t sure where they should start when it comes to cleaning the scene of a traumatic event or crime scene that has occurred in a property. There are many things to consider, especially from a health and safety aspect.

Regardless if an unattended death or crime scene has occurred inside a home or outside the property, Bio Response can help clean it up. We respond within a short time frame, aiming to be on site with you in just 2 hours, where we can begin the process of cleaning and restoring the property back to a safe environment.

Safety First Approach

Prior to starting any work, our team will carry out a full method statement and risk assessment which are available upon request

Highly Qualified

Our team of expert cleaning professionals have extensive experience in the industry and have received specialist training in their areas

Competitive Rates

We're proud to be able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the UK and will guarantee to beat any like-for-like quotation

Fast Response Time

We understand the urgency of our clients' needs so we aim to be on site within just 2 hours of receiving your initial contact

Call in the experts 24 hours a day on 0333 202 6416

Our cleaning technicians are on hand to take care of your cleaning and damage restoration needs in both the private and public sectors

Unattended Death Cleaning

An unattended death scene that needs cleaning and disinfecting

If you have ended up in a situation where a person you know has sadly passed away inside or outside their property, or within a property or building that you own, then professional help will be required to help clean up and restore the property to a safe and usable state. The area will need to be thoroughly cleaned to a high standard as well as disinfected.

Bio Response can take care of any broken items, odours or spillages. Our professional team of quality cleaning technicians are trained in how to manage and clean unfortunate incidents where an unattended death has occurred, ensuring all cleaning is conducted respectfully.

Sensitive Crime Scene Cleaning

Experienced crime scene location cleaning in Isle of Wight

Bio Response is made up of expert cleaning technicians who have been trained accordingly to handle the cleaning of crime scenes. Using a wide variety of specialist cleaning equipment, the team can help clean everything up in a highly respectful manner. Our team are equipped to clean and dispose of things like debris, blood stains and broken glass and any other mess from the tragic events.

After police have conducted their investigation, Bio Response can be on site in 2 hours of your initial call.

Suicide Clean Up Services

Careful and respectful cleaning services on the Isle of Wight

At Bio Response, our team can respond to a cleaning situation which has involved the unfortunate incident of a suicide. The team will undertake a respectful cleaning process, deep cleaning the property in a respectful manner, ensuring that it is returned to a condition that is safe and liveable again.

This can involve the removal and cleaning of any mess, stains or paraphernalia that have been from the tragic events that occurred.

Bio Response will conduct all cleaning in the most respectful manner possible.